When it's time to redesign...

There are many reasons why you should consider a website redesign.

   Periodically adding articles or new pages to your website has caused you to outgrow your site and maybe you need to have it cleaned up a bit and organized. A new navigation system may be in order.

   Major changes in your company may warrant a reflection of the changes. The introduction of a new product line or the acquisition of a new location or sister company. Maybe you simply need new colors or a new logo.

   Traffic can often be a major deciding factor - could be traffic has slowed down drastically or worse. Maybe traffic is still good but orders have dropped off. Could it be the wrong targeted audience or is there something on the site turning them away?

   So, the first step in a website redesign is to set goals. What are we hoping to accomplish?

   Your website should be evaluated based on those goals. How can we make your website fresh again?

   Let us know your goals and your web address and we will evaluate your site and give you our suggestions and recommendations.

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