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Search engines are web sites that use keywords, text sections, web page titles and such to index each search item. Each search engine uses a slightly different method of indexing. There are numerous commands, features and techniques that Candlelight Web Design uses during the entire design process of a web site to ensure that visitors searching for your pages, products or services will find you.

We can optimize your website if you already have one to increase traffic generated by search engines. Some existing web sites need a bit of rewriting content and text enhancements to achieve higher search results. Some web sites need a bit more work than that and with some, website redesign is a cheaper alternative.

Upon completion of your web site search engine optimization, Candlelight Web Design will register it with all major search engines including Google, Yahoo, AOL, Alta Vista, HotBot, Lycos, Excite, WebCrawler, etc. as well as many regional search engines and directories.

Our registration process does not stop there. We will then, after six weeks, (to grant them indexing time) go back to search for your site. If it is not found, we will resubmit to those search engines to ensure you the most comprehensive publicity searches allow.

See what we can do for you with Search Engine Optimization

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