Search Engine Optimization - SEO - and your website

Even the best built sites are pointless if they cannot be found

Search engine optimization should be foremost in the design process. As search engines evolve and internet users trends shift in the way they search, you may have to re-evaluate your website.

For new web designs to expect the best possible placement, certain guidelines must be met. Having somebody handle this for you is usually your best bet.

META tags are important to many search engines but there are several who do not consider them at all. You must not rely on META tags alone.

Factors used in the search results equation are: Page title, meta tags, text headers, image "alt" tags, text links and the text that makes up the page body itself (not in that order).

There are things you can do to help you place better in search results like having a clean design that places the main page text as high as possible in the "code". Alternatively there are simple things you can do that can severely hurt your placement.

Take a look at the "source code" of your webpage. If you are having trouble understanding what it is saying, there is a pretty good chance the search engines are going to run into the same trouble.

Contact us about rasing your search engine rankings with our Search Engine Optimization.

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